Published on : 2017-05-13 23:19:36

Prices Push Towards $17,000 The BTC prices trade just above tthe $17,000 region as of this writing and it is likely to remain under pressure in the short term. It has also led many of the speculators to think twice before investing into BTC and many of them seem to have migrated to the alt coins as is evident from the way that their prices have been rising in the recent weeks. Israel Greene, Certified Speaker, Leadership Teacher & Coach  —  What are the essential drivers of success. As more evidence of the same, we saw the BTC prices crash by more than 15% from their highs over the last 24 hours and the volatility continues in the market as of this writing.

Marketcap down to $2 billion not good at all. Published on Feb 6, 2018 Is Bitcoin Can down to $5000k below. ETH seems to be a much better bet at this point of time and this should benefit the ETH market in the short term as we look for new all time highs from the ETH prices. Sales Leadership: 3 simple ways to equip others to lead next bitcoin crash.

bear market trend lot s of fud in the market. This is not liked by many of the traders and investors and they have begun to pull out of BTC and so far today, Bitcoin Cash seems to be the biggest beneficiary as it has been buoyed by news that it would be listed by Coinbase. We continue to believe that the ETH market has better fundamentals than most and hence believe in it for the medium term and the long term.Walton.
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Bitcoin looks like it's heading towards a major crash. If it happens, crypto-millionaires will be hit hardest while governments move to regulate the cryptocurrency
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22-12-2017 · Cryptocurrencies could trigger the next financial crisis if they become a systemic risk to the financial system, according to one cryptocurrency expert. Although cryptocurrencies do not yet pose this risk to the system, if they become more widely embraced they could be destabilising. The lack of
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Bitcoin saw a Christmas panic, which appears to resolved itself. But don’t get too comfortable: Bitcoin is volatile by design.
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As bitcoin surged past US$16,000 last week, the network could not keep up with the breathless demand and two ATM machines selling the cryptocurrency in Singapore crashed.. Read more at
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02-02-2018 · BI PRIME: The rapid crash in bitcoin challenges the notion that it's a stable store of value, and raises concerns about possible spillover into other markets.
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All the latest breaking news on bitcoin. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on bitcoin.
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Black Friday Bitcoin Crypto Crash! Are All Cryptocurrencies Going To Zero? Currencies / BlockChain Dec 23, 2017 - 03:42 PM GMT. By: Jeff_Berwick. Peter Schill and the Health Ranger are finally right.
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